The 42nd Vicenza Course concluded with great success

Author: Aurora Date:2024-06-14

The 42nd Vicenza Course on AKI-CRRT-ECOS, held in Vicenza, Italy from June 11th to 13th, 2024, and hosted by the International Kidney Institute of Vicenza (IRRIV), concluded with great success.


During this prestigious gathering, the Jafron International team made a significant impact. Professors Claudio Ronco and Rinaldo Bellomo led enlightening discussions on the expert consensus of the Acute Disease Quality Initiative (ADQI) during Jafron’s "Meet the Expert" session, shedding light on Jafron's groundbreaking SAILING project. Professor Bellomo from Australia announced the preliminary results of the SAILING program worldwide. A total of 17 studies were selected from 58 applications in the first round, generating immense interest among experts worldwide who eagerly anticipate the project's outcomes and future engagements with Jafron.


The Jafron satellite symposium on June 12th featured distinguished experts such as Claudio Ronco, Grasselli Giacomo, Lavinia Ionescu, and Ranistha Ratanarat, engaging in pioneering dialogues under the theme "Master the Acute Phase." Covering topics like "Innovative Breakthroughs in Pediatrics" and "Advanced Liver Support Therapy," the symposium captivated a full house with groundbreaking insights on Hemoadsorption treatments. The enthusiastic Q&A session underscored the immense interest and potential for transformative advancements in these critical areas.

Furthermore, the international debut of the Jafron pHA130 cartridge showcased its remarkable adsorption capabilities, sparking passionate discussions among attendees. Additionally, Portuguese experts shared their successful utilization of HA380 in treating myeloma patients, further enriching the exchange of knowledge and experiences at the conference.