Mr. Jean Paul Menneguerre has commenced his new role at Jafron Biomedical

Author:Aurora Date:2024-05-21

Jafron Biomedical, a leading enterprise in the hemoadsorption industry, announces Mr. Jean Paul Menneguerre's appointment as the Deputy General Manager of the International Business Unit, aimed at fostering business growth in global markets. Concurrently, he has also served as the Global Sales Director of Acute Disease.

Mr. Jean Paul Menneguerre, a distinguished global expert with over 30 years of experience in acute blood purification, joined Jafron Biomedical as a Global Senior Consultant in January 2021. Since 2023, Mr. Menneguerre has held the position of Senior Head of the EMEA markets, leading the team to significant sales advancements.

Assuming these new responsibilities, Mr. Menneguerre will play a crucial role in 

driving Jafron’s global business development, encompassing the formulation and execution of global market and sales strategies, as well as the establishment of overseas subsidiaries.

Jafron's innovative hemoadsorption therapies are presently accessible in over 90 countries and regions worldwide. In June 2021, Jafron established a MOST (Multi-Organ Support Therapy) Advisory Board comprising 6 world-class clinical researchers and intensive care experts. In the forthcoming years, Jafron’s increasing influence in world’s hemoadsorption industry will be paired with a commitment to innovation and knowledge sharing in the healthcare community and it will provide medical researchers and physicians worldwide with more efficient therapies for meeting the rapid development of the blood purification industry.