SAILING Extramural Grant Program has finalized its selection of topics

Author:Branding Date:2024-04-26

The SAILING Extramural Grant Program, unveiled during the Jafron International Hemoadsorption Summit in November 2023, has reached a pivotal stage. The program has finalized its selection of topics and progressed into the concluding review phase. 

The evaluation results as well as sponsorship details for the numerous global project proposals received, will be disclosed at the 42nd Vicenza Course in Italy, scheduled for June 11-13. During this event, expert committee will determine the actual funding allocations based on the applications and review outcomes.


The SAILING - Global Clinical Research Fund Project, jointly initiated by Academician Chen Xiangmei from the China National Clinical Research Center for Chronic Kidney Disease, Professor Claudio Ronco from the International Renal Research Institute of Vicenza (IRRIV) in Italy, and Professor Rinaldo Bellomo from Austin Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, serves as the Academic Committee Chair.


The SAILING project invites researchers from around the world and offers financial support to clinical researchers committed to exploring hemoadsorption therapy in end-stage kidney disease, poisoning, sepsis, and other critical illnesses. This includes research on blood purification, artificial liver, and extracorporeal organ support technologies. The initiative aims to foster scientific progress and spur new investigations in hemoadsorption and related extracorporeal blood purification therapies.


Endorsed by the IRRIV Foundation and the University of Melbourne, the project receives exclusive funding from Jafron Biomedical. Following global hospital applications, projects will undergo a comprehensive review by an academic committee comprising over ten internationally acclaimed experts.