2023 International Hemoadsorption Summit drew to a successful close

Author:Aurora Date:2023-11-15

The fruitful 2023 International Hemoadsorption Summit came to an end on November 10. More than two hundred of the world's leading experts and scholars gathered in Zhuhai, representing nearly thirty countries. Among them were many well-known figures, including Academician Xiangmei Chen from China, Professor Claudio Ronco from Italy, Professor Olivier Joannes-Boyau from France, Professor John Prowle from the United Kingdom, Professor Thomas Rimmelé from France, Professor Antoine Schneider from Switzerland, to name a few. The forum was simultaneously live streamed through JafronClub broadcast link and drew almost 3,500 attendees both online and onsite.


The most recent scientific findings and experts‘ consensus on hemoadsorption were presented and made public during this summit. The KOLs shared their perspectives and experiences regarding the evolution of blood purification, particularly with reference to the hemoadsorption sector. A variety of interesting sessions and workshops, as well as the "Meet the Experts" section, led participants on an adventure of hemoadsorption. In the meantime, they discussed and exchanged ideas, as well as solved some of their riddles, everyone left with significant insights.

As the organizer of this International Summit and the main promoter of the hemoadorption technology, Jafron made much breakthrough in the fields of nephrology, hepatology, poisoning, critical illness, rheumatism and immune diseases. Gaining evidence-based medical achievements and attracting high attention for its commitment to research.


At the opening ceremony, Academician Chen Xiangmei highly recognized Jafron as a leading enterprise in China in the field of blood purification, for its efforts to promote the progress of the hemoadsorption industry. She advocates the concept of 'bring Chinese wisdom to the world, and bring world wisdom to China', to jointly accomplish the vision of 'Healthy China, Healthy World'.


Guo Caiwu, a Standing Committee Member of the Zhuhai Municipal Committee, welcomed the arrival of experts from various countries on behalf of Zhuhai Municipal Government. He hoped that Zhuhai health enterprises will deepen international cooperation and promote high-quality development in biomedical and health industry to benefit patients worldwide.


Dong Fan, the founder, Chairman and CEO of Jafron said that Jaforn has improved the service team as well as its strong scientific research capabilities in the global blood purification fiel. Jafron’s products have been applied in 92 countries around the world in 8,000 hospitals. More specifically, they are used in 5 million treatments annually. In the future Jafron will develop different products with improved efficacy and safety performance to satisfy the unmet clinical needs and assist patients worldwide.


"This is Jafron's second international summit." The first session drew foreign experts from 14 different countries. As Chinese hemoadsorption technology has gained international recognition, the number of overseas participants in this meeting has increased significantly." According to Bryan Xie, General Manager of the Jafron International Business unit.

During the summit, all the specialists visited Jafron's headquarters, including the laboratory, research center, and manufacturing line, which is the largest hemoadsorption plant in the world.