Golden Bull Award! Jafron Wins Golden Bull Award for Highest Investment Value of 2021

Author:Aurora Date:2023-02-08

Jafron Biomedical won the Golden Bull Award for the Highest Investment Value of 2021 in the 24th Golden Bull Award Ceremony held on 29th December 2022.


The Golden Bull Award, one of the most credible and influential authoritative awards in China’s capital market, has been successfully held 24 times, witnessing the rapid development of China's economy and capital market. It is reputed as the "Oscar" ceremony in the field of finance and economics, which is highly concerned by listed companies, research institutions, and investors. The Golden Bull Award for the Highest Investment Value places greater emphasis on enterprises’ profitability, debt repayment, asset management, and growth capabilities. It is the most important of all the Golden Bull Awards.

For 4 consecutive times, Jafron has won this Golden Bull Award due to its remarkable business performance. From its IPO in 2016 to 2021, Jafron’s revenue increased from USD 80 million to USD 394.6 million, with a compound growth rate of 37.54% and a cumulative growth rate of 392%. Net profit increased from USD 29.5 million to USD 176.4 million, with a compound growth rate of 42.70% and a cumulative growth of 492%. 


Winning the Golden Bull Award fully reflects the affirmation of Jafron’s investment valve, good image in the capital market, and solid strength as a great brand.

Jafron has kept investing in R&D, aiming to provide more innovative devices and therapies for patients. Going forward, the company will continue to be dedicated to innovation, providing high-quality and patient-oriented services to benefit more people around the globe.